Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen is a cryogenic that is insulated and transported in containers called Dewars. It’s chemical symbol is N and atomic number is 7. There are many culinary applications for liquid nitrogen, such as making smoking cocktails and liquid nitrogen ice cream. Nitrogen ice cream is different than regular ice cream because the smaller nitrogen molecules create a creamier texture.

In clinical settings, nitrogen gas is used in cryotherapy. In this scenario, a patient enters a chamber that is then filled with nitrogen gas for 2 or 3 minutes, this is meant to replace the age old “ice baths” used by athletes. Cryotherapy chambers help speed up your body’s own healing process and soothe inflamed joints, decrease cellulite, help you to sleep better at night, tighten skin, and much more.

Liquid nitrogen is responsible for some of our most amazing human feats. It has a wide array of applications ranging from industrial to medical, and even into the culinary world. Nitrogen gas makes up 78.1 percent of our atmosphere and can be captured and transported easily to any location.

Liquid Nitrogen from VS Carbonics

VS Carbonics has been growing to become one of the top liquid nitrogen gas suppliers in the Miami area. We have worked with a wide range of companies from all industries to develop products and services that are suited to their unique environment. Our team of local liquid nitrogen suppliers makes sure that your deliveries come in on time, every time.

Liquid Nitrogen Products and Uses

For many years, liquid nitrogen has been used in applications like welding, laser cutting, pipeline construction and more. Today, it is also finding applications in health sciences, as well as the culinary industry – even spurring a creative new trend of liquid nitrogen ice cream.

The freezing properties of liquid nitrogen make it perfect for pressurizing lines, helping relieve joint pain in patients, and creating super-cooled foods with a terrific texture. We have even seen liquid nitrogen put to use in the automotive and aerospace industries.

How Can I Benefit from Using Liquid Nitrogen?

Before you start searching for where to buy liquid nitrogen, it’s a good idea to make sure you understand all the benefits of this product. For instance, liquid and gaseous nitrogen can be used effectively to process foods in any kitchen and keep them pure. However, it can also be used in live cooking demonstrations to create a strong visual impact.

Furthermore, liquid nitrogen offers many positive health benefits for those who enjoy cryotherapy. It can help soothe chronic aches and pains, as well as reducing inflammation and rejuvenating skin.

Lastly, liquid nitrogen is easy and affordable to move. While other chemicals and gases are difficult to capture and transport, liquid nitrogen comes in many forms. We can deliver canisters right to your door in no time and swap out your old canisters in minutes. Liquid nitrogen is very easy to use and safe for storage.

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